A Plug&Play flexible skin sensor for the wireless monitoring of pandemics

S. Nappi, C. Miozzi, V. Mazzaracchio, L. Fiore, F. Camera, N. D’Uva, S. Amendola, C. Occhiuzzi, F. Arduini, and G. Marrocco,

2021 IEEE International Conference on Flexible and Printable Sensors and Systems (FLEPS)

The fight against pandemics is redesigning the interaction between doctor and patients with a clear request of remote monitoring of biological parameters, reducing the proximity. At this purpose, physical and chemical sensors placed on the skin with wireless reading, can provide the early detection of psycho-physical diseases. A plug&play epidermal patch based on Radiofrequency Identification technology is here proposed for the simultaneous remote reading of multi-physical and -chemical parameters of the skin. The board is designed to improve the usability of the device and to ease the experimentation of different disposable sensors. The resulting prototype made of biocompat- ible and comfortable encapsulation is readable up to 2 m in battery-assisted mode and up to 80 cm without embedded power source (passive mode). Sensing experimentation was preliminary performed on the bench through the triple measurement of two chemical sensors (pH and sodium concentration) together with temperature, under controlled conditions.

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