RFID-Based Multi-level Sensing Network for Industrial Internet of Things

S. Amendola, C. Occhiuzzi, S. Manzari, and G. Marrocco, In: Yager, R., Pascual Espada, J. (eds) New Advances in the Internet of Things. Studies in Computational Intelligence, vol 715. Springer A wireless sensor network fully based on battery-less radio frequency identification (RFID) devices is here proposed for application to the emerging Industrial Internet of Things. […]

RFID sensing breadboard for industrial IoT

 C. Occhiuzzi, S. Manzari, S. Amendola, and G. Marrocco, 2017 International Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Symposium – Italy (ACES) A fully reconfigurable RFID Sensing breadboard for Industrial Internet of Things is here proposed. The board is completely tunable such to offer the best communication performances in different industrial operative scenario. Furthermore, thanks to the customizable […]