IoT Solutions

A selection of our recent projects where we developed RFID sensor networks for Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

Pharma Packaging

Smart packaging reduces supply chain losses and increases transparency, integrity, control and safety at any stage of the supply chain

Chemical Industry

A battery-less RFID-based solution to implement the Predictive Maintenance of machineries with high risk of failure in a harsh environment

Here you can browse our IoT solutions and realistic use cases

Fruit Ripening

Smart Ripe includes a smart shelf for the real-time detection of useful electromagnetic-based indicators and an AI algorithm for evaluating the fruit ripening

Conveyor Belts

An ad-hoc radio-system transmits wirelessly the temperature value as recorded inside the conveyor belts, hence constantly optimizing the vulcanization process

Smart Bandages

Following the paradigm of e-Health, we developed a flexible, soft and battery-less wireless pressure sensor
for the next-gen of compression therapy kit

Critical Infrastructures

The infrastructure includes a network of wireless sensors, battery-less and low-cost, spread in a large area for the real-time monitoring of critical parameters

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