We can take care of the whole process for the rapid development of RFID monitoring networks, starting from the design of custom devices up to the deployment and the data processing


Beyond RF & Electromagnetics

Electronic Sensors

We have experience in PCB design and electronic circuit interfaces for several kind of sensors (physical, chemical, electrical)


We can take care of mechanical robustness and durability of RFID sensors, thanks to our mechanical facilities and experience.

Data Science

We can take care of data analysis and transmission to cloud services and of high-level visualization by customized dashboards.

Problem solving

We get into the customer’s requirements and we identify the most appropriate commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware and software RFID technology, if available. Otherwise, we propose custom solutions to be developed by accounting for materials, accuracy, reliability and cost target. 

  • Prior-art analysis
  • Scouting on COTS tag and readers for the customer application 
  • Customization and transformation of COTS RFID devices


Through the state of the art electromagnetic/mechanical/thermal simulation tools (FEM, FDTD, MoM, Ray-tracing), we can design any kind of RFID module for the specific need. We can moreover optimize tags, number and position of interrogating antennas in complex environments comprising lossy materials and scattering objects. 

Ad hoc design of:

  • RFID HF/UHF tags for identification
  • RFID-based sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity, …)
  • RFID sensors for biomedical applications including wearable, skin and implantable devices
  • RFID devices for embedded applications (elastomers, metals, liquids)
  • RFID devices for moving objects (conveyor belts, rotating saw)
  • Interrogating antennas for RFID readers 

Fast prototyping and test

We are equipped to fabricate prototypes of RFID devices on both rigid and flexible substrates. Moreover, we can perform accurate multi-physics test of commercial/custom RFID tags, readers and antennas in realistic conditions. Facilities includes: etching machine for PCB, pick & place and cutter, Voyantic TagFormance (HF, UHF) station, semi-anechoic walls, Vector Network Analyzer, substrate analyzer, climate chamber, vibration station. 

  • Electromagnetic test of readers and tags according to the standard through Tagformance Station.
  • Durability test of tags in different temperature/humidity conditions through the climate chamber

Deployment and test

We are equipped to deploy the new RFID system at the customer’s premises, even in hostile environments, to customize dashboard in real-time, and to evaluate the overall performance.

  • Development of on the premises POC for third-part customers
  • Design and installation of multi-antenna interrogating networks
  • Design and implementation of data conversion interfaces (MODBUS, OPC-UA, LAN, …)
  • Design of Windows- and Linux-based edge-computing modules for RAIN RFID readers provided with embedded computers
  • Design and implementation of data analysis dashboard
  • Design and implementation of pattern recognition tools for RFID data analysis