Sensing-oriented RFID tag Response in High Temperature Conditions

C. Occhiuzzi, S. Amendola, S. Nappi, N. D’Uva, and G. Marrocco,

2018 3rd International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies (SpliTech)

Sensing and communication performances of RFID tags subjected to high temperature stress are here experimentally investigated with the aim of assessing the effective operability of conventional RFID technology in Industry 4.0 scenarios. Three popular microchips embedded into dipole tags have been tested. Results suggest that while the maximum communication ranges sensibly reduce as the temperature increases, the temperature measurements returned by the RFID on-chip sensors look rather robust up to 110°C and even up to 130°C provided that a linear calibration is applied. However, in case of external sensors connected to the IC, the response curve becomes non-linear thus lowering the maximum operative temperature and a more complex correction is required.

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