RFID-Based Multi-level Sensing Network for Industrial Internet of Things

S. Amendola, C. Occhiuzzi, S. Manzari, and G. Marrocco,

In: Yager, R., Pascual Espada, J. (eds) New Advances in the Internet of Things. Studies in Computational Intelligence, vol 715. Springer

A wireless sensor network fully based on battery-less radio frequency identification (RFID) devices is here proposed for application to the emerging Industrial Internet of Things. The hierarchical structure of the network enables a multi-level monitoring of complex spaces hosting industrial equipments. A mul- ti-antenna configuration permits to select the zones of the space to be monitored while custom RFID boards, capable to host several kinds of sensors, permit to capture both environmental parameters (e.g., temperature, humidity, and light) and the human interaction with things. The system provides the real-time detection of a plethora of complex events ranging from critical environmental accidents, up to the (un)authorized access to a critical area and the tampering/overloading of equip- ments. The potential of the proposed sensor network is finally demonstrated through an application to the monitoring of a real electrical secondary substation cabin.

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