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Tag Testing System

Research & Design

Research and design of RFID transponders and Smart labels in Ultra-High Frequency band

PoC Development

Development of Proof of Concept and evaluation of UHF RFID tag performance directly in the application environment

RFID Tag Selection

Quantitative performance comparison of UHF RFID tags in EU and FCC bands

Portable & Low-cost

Practical, lightweight, with an user-friendly visualization interface, suitable on-demand customization


The Tag Testing System permits to easily measure the activation power of the tag at a given distance from the reader. It exploits the turn-on power method, namely it evaluates the minimum power the reader must emit to allow the tag to respond. The lower this parameter, the better the achievable performance. Measurements can be done in both EU (865-868 MHz) and FCC (902-928 MHz) bands. 


The Tag Testing System includes all the building blocks for UHF RFID smart labels characterization. The spacer, provided in the kit integrates the interrogating antenna and can also host objects so to estimate the real-life performance of the tag. The comparison software can overlay different measurements and provide the Performance Meter, an overall indicator to compare multiple tags.