UHF RFID System for the Predictive Maintenance of a Filter Press: a real use case

S. Nappi, S. Amendola, M. Ramacciotti, E. Zambonini, N. D’Uva, F. Camera, C. Miozzi, C. Occhiuzzi, and G. Marrocco

2021 6th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies (SpliTech)

Within the Industry 4.0 context, UHF-RFID-based sensing architectures promise to fill the gap between the phys- ical and digital world, enabling the pervasive measurement of sensing parameters from wireless and battery-less transponders distributed over critical part of machines or embedded in the pro- duced goods. This paper presents the design, the implementation and the commissioning of a complete RFID system aimed at the predictive maintenance of filter-press machinery. The proposed solution includes more than 150 temperature sensors properly positioned on the inflating hoses of the press and interrogated from a network of multiple antenna arrays. The RFID perception layer streams the data via OPC-UA toward the SCADA layer where a cloud-based tool processes the signals at run time to detect anomalies and produces statistics.

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